Acne Lesions

Acne Lesions

Lesions can be caused by a number of things. Simply put a lesion is nothing more than a physiological change in the tissue of the body, which is caused by either disease or injury. This may be either an external or internally damaging injury or disease.

Lesions can be something as simple as a black or white head caused by acne to something more serious like nodules or cysts. In this case, acne lesions are being looked at. There are a number of different types.

The first type is a Comedo or in plural form comedones. This is when the pore of the skin becomes clogged by either dead cells, tiny hairs, or bacteria. It may also be a combination of these things. When the pore is open, a blackhead is formed. Whiteheads are formed when the pore becomes clogged but is not open. Acne medicine especially neither of these types of lesions should be extracted except by a doctor in order to prevent infection

The next kind of lesion is a papule. This is a small solid lesion that elevates above the skin surface. Some can be almost non-existent but give the skin sandpaper like feel. This is a localized acne based reaction. In other words, it is caused by the build-up of bacteria, dead cells, and oil within the pores.

Nodules are similar to papules in shape however, a nodule is usually accompanied by inflammation these can be painful and can lead to scarring. This type of lesion usually accompanies more severe forms of acne.

Acne Lesions

Pustules – these are just what they sound like lesions like papules only they contain pus. This pus is made up primarily of white blood cells, bacteria, and dead skin. Usually, these occur only if the hair is in the follicle. These usually heal without any scarring unless they progress.

Cysts – the progressed form of a Pustule, these lesions contain the same material created pus however, they are larger, usually are accompanied by inflammation and usually extend farther under the skin. This type of lesion is usually formed with severe acne and may result in pain and scarring.

If you are suffering from inflamed lesions seek the advice of a medical professional before attempting treatment in order to prevent scarring and minimize the damage to your skin. Less severe forms of lesions can usually be treated with over the counter medications that are readily available at any local store.