Equip Your Home Bar With The Best Accessories

Have you set up your home bar to welcome and entertain your guests? You may have a good collection of different flavored wines and drinks. However, without the right bar accessories, you can’t enjoy your wines. You may have some old-fashioned kits for your bar. Thus, it is the right time to upgrade your bar with modern accessories.

Interestingly, there are bar accessories with themed images. For instance, while you are one of the football enthusiasts, you may search for the bar accessories with logos of football clubs and teams. Now, let us have a list of the essential kits that you must include in your home bar. To avail of the below-mentioned products at the lowest price, you can use the AFL Footy Shop promo code.

Bar runner

It is one of the useful bar accessories, especially intended for promotional purposes. For instance, you are one of the fans of a football club; you can order a bar runner with the printed logo of that club. The manufacturers use polyester fabric for designing the quality bar runner. The photographic images, printed on it, are colorful and long-lasting. You may also find rubber coating on the bar runner. The odorless, eco-friendly bar runner is a machine washable product. Thus, buy one of these bar runners for your commercial or home bar.

Bottle opener

Whether you have arranged an evening party for wine lovers or have established a bar, you can never overlook the bottle opener. How do you feel when you cannot open the bottle of your favorite beer? Thus, investing in a quality bottle opener is the smartest decision. To get a budget-friendly option, you may purchase the manual bottle opener. With minimal effort, you can remove the foil and the cork. You will also get the wall-mounted models that are easy to store.

What’s more, you can find another innovative feature with the bottle opener. The color bottle opener produces a musical tone while opening the bottle. Besides, music enthusiasts will love this type of wine opener. There are bottle openers with themed songs. For instance, football lovers can choose the opener that opens the bottle with the theme song of their favorite football club.

The speaker, integrated with the system, helps in the automatic activation of the sound, while metal touches your bottle.

Pink glasses

In most of the restaurants and bars, you can find these pink glasses. Why then should you not add these glasses to your home bar? We also call it the shaker glass, having a skinny cylindrical design at the bottom. These glasses mostly hold 16 to 20 oz. of your alcohol. Have a stock of this easy-to-clean glassware. You can serve a cocktail, scotch, martinis, whiskey, margaritas and various other drinks with these beautiful glasses.

Stubby holder

Who doesn’t’ love drinking cold beer? The stubby holder keeps your drinks cool. Made of neoprene material, this stubby holder may also be the best party favors for your guests.

Thus, buy the above bar accessories and enjoy your wine at the fully equipped home bar.