How the EV Market Will Evolve This Year

In the UK, the electric car – or EV – is an established alternative vehicle that many have embraced. Indeed, many of the top manufacturers have welcomed this electric effect and have set their stall out as brands which will roll out more and more EVs and cut back on petrol and diesel vehicles in the future. In this article we take a look at how the market is set to grow during 2019 and beyond.

How the EV Market Will Evolve This Year

They Are Coming!

Just like motor trade insurance, prices of EVs are falling whilst the models are increasing; this, along with improvements in charging points, is making them an ever more attractive option. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see on the streets in the coming year.

Lotus Type 130

This all-electric hypercar will have just 130 models, a four-motor 1000bhp and a 250-mile range. It weighs less than 1000kg. Watch out for the official launch in July.

Ford Mustang Electric

It’s not just car insurance firms that are all about the figures – check out The same can be said for Ford, which announced last year that it would be investing a whopping $11billion in EVs, pledging to have 40 electrified vehicles on the road by 2022. Its team is also working on a Mustang-inspired EV. Watch this space!

How the EV Market Will Evolve This Year

Peugeot e-208

Similar to the much-loved 205, the e-208 has been announced by Peugeot. It’s a 50kWh electric battery version.

Tesla Model Y

Somewhere between the Model 3 and the Model X, the Y is an SUV offering a 242-mile range and reaching 60mph in an impressive 5.9 seconds. It also seats seven.

Audi Q4 Concept

This sporty number has confirmed Audi’s presence in the EV market. A production version is likely soon.

Seat El-Born

Named after an area in Barcelona, the Seat El-Born was unveiled – like many of the others – at The Geneva International Motorshow earlier this year. It will have an expected range of 260 miles and a 62kWh battery.

Honda e

A small runaround for the city dweller, its range is, as to be expected, 125miles. With five doors it also has a digital rear-view mirror and is, unusually, a rear-wheel drive. There is likely to be a reserve list for this one.