Smart Gifts  With the Smart Cards

Smart Gifts  With the Smart Cards
Smart Gifts  With the Smart Cards

A “prepaid Visa Gift Card” is a card, a check, a certificate or any other instrument that provides goods or services in exchange for a payment already made. For Visa Gift Card Balance  you can know more now.

Here are some examples :

  • Cell phone card
  • Transit Card
  • Prepaid credit card
  • Gift card valid in a specific trade (eg a bookstore)
  • Card redeemable for a particular good or service (eg a massage)
  • Card valid for all merchants in a given location (eg shopping center)

Important! Cards you receive for free when you buy a good or redeem points (or other rewards) are not covered by the rules described in this text.

A refundable balance in money

If you request it, the merchant must pay you in cash any balance of $ 5 or less that remains on the prepaid card, unless it is a cell phone card or a prepaid credit card.

A protected balance when you replace the card

Your prepaid card may include a date you must go to replace it. For example, the company might want all cards in circulation to meet its new design.The amount you left on the old card must remain intact.


  • Your card must be replaced free of charge.
  • The replacement date must be indicated on the card.
  • The fact that you can not lose the amount you have left must be indicated immediately after the date.
  • The expiry date of prepaid cards

Since June 30, 2010, prepaid cards can no longer include an expiration date, except for cell phone cards and cards that provide unlimited access to a service (e.g. a bus card).

You still have a period of at least 7 days, following the expiration date of your cell phone card, to “recharge” your card and keep the remaining balance. Ask your service provider.

Until December 31, 2015, tourism companies could issue a prepaid card with an expiration date for a specific and seasonal service if the service, its seasonal nature and the expiry date appeared on the card.

If it is a card redeemable for a specific good or service, the merchant may however claim the difference between the price of the good or service at the time it is claimed, and what it cost during the purchase of the card.

  • the price of the good or service on the date of purchase;
  • the date from which the merchant can claim the difference;
  • the possibility that he can claim this difference.

As a general rule, merchants who issue a prepaid card cannot charge a fee for you to receive, use, or activate it .


  • Prepaid credit cards
  • Card customization fee (design, name, etc.)
  • Replacement fee for a prepaid card that has been damaged, lost or stolen


Smart Gifts  With the Smart CardsIn addition, a card that gives access to several different businesses (e.g. a shopping center card) can provide:

  • Activation fee of up to 3.50 $ (these charges must be shown on the card), or
  • A charge of up to a maximum of 2.50 $ per month, provided you include on the front and back of the card some information. The merchant must wait more than 15 months after the purchase of the card to claim a fee for unused.